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Scary Good Fun at Scream Zone, Haunted Trail, and Haunted Hotel

Scary Good Fun at Scream Zone, Haunted Trail, and Haunted Hotel
Through October 31

The Scream Zone is assembled from a collection of body parts and roughly stitched together into four terrifying haunts and other monstrous attractions. Triple Haunt favorites are back, including the House of Horror, KarnEvil and the Haunted Hayride, each casting an evil spell on the Del Mar Fairgrounds. The House of Horror features room after room of surprising visual and visceral experiences. Imagine being trapped and moved by a bevy of clowns or shaken, rattled and upended within utter darkness. Karnevil is everything carnival and freak show, including a weird and surreal trailer park of clowns and a death spiral that leaves visitors disoriented. Climb aboard the Haunted Hayride and ride through the gateway to hellacious hallucinations, where zombies await to delight and decay. The first of its kind and only one in the country, The Running Dead is a 30,000-square foot unique obstacle course challenge that puts participants’ agility, coordination, reflexes and speed to the test. Participants literally run for their lives! www.thescreamzone.com.

The Haunted Trail and The Experiment is located in world-famous Balboa Park. This one-mile trail is San Diego’s only outdoor haunted attraction. It includes a separate maze called “The Experiment,” featuring past horror icons Freddy, Jason, Michael Meyers, The Ring Girl, The Exorcist Girl and Annabelle. This year, The Haunted Trail is conjuring up new creepy haunts, based on popular TV shows and films, including “Stranger Things,” “Krampus,” and “Game of Thrones.” www.hauntedtrail.net.

The Haunted Hotel has been named one of the top haunts in the country by Haunt World Magazine, and has been featured in Fangoria Magazine and on The Travel Channel as a standout haunt. The Haunted Hotel is located in the heart of the Gaslamp Quarter. This year, The Haunted Hotel is celebrating 25 years of terror and has plenty of frights for everyone. Plunge into chaos on the Hellevator, stroll down the dark, deadly zombie infested alley, ride to insanity on the Clown Subway and just try to navigate through the muck and mire of the Hillbilly Swamp. www.hauntedhotel.com.