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SeaWorld San Diego Debuts New Summer Attractions

 SeaWorld San Diego Debuts New Summer Attractions

SeaWorld San Diego offers year-round marine fun, with plenty of shows, rides and up-close interactions to keep visitors busy all day. Visitors have the opportunity to interact with shark pups, rays, horseshoe crabs and cleaner fish in four state-of-the-art freshwater and saltwater touch pools. They can watch penguins frolic and play at Penguin Encounter, which features more than 350 penguins representing five species, and observe turtles at Turtle Reef’s 280,000-gallon aquarium. Thrill seekers will enjoy the park’s wet and wild coasters, such as Journey to Atlantis and Manta, a double-launch coaster and 100,000-gallon aquarium filled with bat rays.

Ocean Explorer is an extraordinary new attraction that combines multiple aquariums, exciting rides and digital technologies designed to engage park guests in an experience centered on exploration and adventure. The signature ride, Submarine Quest, is a three-minute digitally-enhanced experience boasting the use of “smart play” technology and enabling riders to guide their mission of oceanic exploration. Ocean Explorer also features one-of-a-kind aquariums with deep-sea creatures, including giant Japanese spider crabs, morays eels and giant Pacific octopuses.
Also debuting this summer is the all-new Orca Encounter, which combines a live orca presentation with an enhanced and augmented digital environment. As the sun sets, Electric Ocean will light up SeaWorld with an ocean of brilliance and vibrant energy that transforms the park into an underwater world of colorful luminescence. This new nighttime summer spectacular immerses guests in a glowing sea of wonder with bioluminescent-like lighting, a dance club and pathway entertainment.

SeaWorld San Diego is located at 500 SeaWorld Drive, San Diego. For more information call
(800) 257-4268 or visit

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