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San Diego Zoo Presents Africa Rocks

San Diego Zoo Presents Africa Rocks

This summer, San Diego Zoo invites guests to experience the continent of Africa like never before with their all-new Africa Rocks exhibit, opening June 10. This expansive, multispecies tribute to African wildlife is the zoo’s most ambitious exhibit project to date. Sprawled across eight acres it has a gently winding pathway through six distinct bio-diverse zones, including rocky shorelines, wetlands, and tropical forests to mountain highlands, savannas and woodlands. Africa Rocks will be home to more than 40 species of mammals, reptiles, birds and plants native to Africa, such as hamadryas baboons, geladas, vervet monkeys, lemurs, fossa, southern ratel, leopard, African penguins and leopard sharks.

Located in iconic Balboa Park, San Diego Zoo consists of 100 acres that contain rare and endangered animals representing more than 650 species and subspecies, and a botanical garden with more than half a million plants. The zoo, the Safari Park and San Diego Zoo Institute for Conservation Research are operated by San Diego Zoo Global, a non-profit organization that aims to save species around the world by bringing together animal care experts, animal conservationists, and animal lovers with a passion for nature. It is the largest zoological membership association in the world, with more than 250,000 member households and 130,000 child members.

San Diego Zoo is located at 2920 Zoo Drive, San Diego. For more information call (619) 231-1515 or visit

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