New Village Arts Theatre

New Village Arts Theatre 

The Secret Garden

December 1-24

New Village Arts brings a beloved story to life with the musical The Secret Garden. This enchanting tale is directed by Rosina Reynolds and celebrates the power of family – both the one children are born into and the one individuals make for themselves. It’s a redemptive story of a young girl finding her voice and the adults around her discovering bravery to let go of the past. This Tony-winning musical is sure to delight audiences of all ages during the holidays.

Cloud Tectonics

January 26-February 25

This unforgettable play examines how love affects time and how time affects love, and how the world’s elemental forces truly shape who people become. Nadia Guevara stars as Celestina del Sol. The play is part of New Village Arts’ new bilingual Teatro Nuevo Pueblo initiative.

New Village Arts Theatre is located at 2787 State Street, Carlsbad. For more information on call (760) 433-3245 or visit  HYPERLINK “