Japanese Friendship Garden

Japanese Friendship Garden’s Coming of Age Celebration 

January 7 


The Japanese Friendship Garden (JFG), Azunakai, and the San Diego Yokohama Sister City Society are proud to host its third annual Seijin-shiki Coming of Age Ceremony event on Sunday, January 7, at the JFG’s Inamori Pavilion. The Coming of Age Ceremony (Seijin-shiki) is an important rite of passage for many young Japanese adults in Japan, just turning twenty years old.  


Many will attend a ceremony at their local community center, dressed in traditional kimono or western suits to celebrate the new chapter in their lives. Unmarried women have the chance to wear the elaborate long-sleeved kimono called furisode. Students ages 18-22 from all cultures and backgrounds are highly encouraged to attend this event. When possible, please wear the traditional clothes of your culture to represent it and bring an exciting dynamic to the event.   


This is a formal attire event with speeches, entertainment, and food. Kimono rentals are offered by Yuko Niwa and photography by Pacific Fusion Photography. Packages are sold separately. Cost to attend: $15 Students, $25 Adult Guests. For more information, contact Frederick Hewett at (619) 232-2721.